2017 Phuket Vegetarian Festival Calendar

October 20, 2017



October 20

Official start of the Vegetarian Festival

Every day from October 23 – 28

There’s a ritual paying respects to Chinese guardian angels (Ko Gun) at Bangniew Shrine and from October 22, the ceremonies can be seen at Jui Tui Tao Bo Keng Shrine and Ta Rua Shrine as well.

October 23

A ritual to pay respect to ancestors spirits

October 24

Firewalking (Goi Hoi) at Jui Tui Tao Bo Keng Shrine at 8pm

October 23 – 26

A ritual to pay respect to the Chinese angels

October 23, 25, 27

A ritual to pay respect to the spirits of people who used to support the shrine (at Jui Tui Tao Bo Keng Shrine)

October 27

Firewalking (Goi Hoi) at Bangniew Shrine at 8pm and Ta Rua Shrine at 8.30pm as well as a ritual called Goi Han where people who have been following the precepts of the Vegetarian festival cross a wooden bridge which is believed to expel all bad luck at Jui Tui Tao Bo Keng Shrine

October 28

Last day of the 2017 vegetarian festival and Gio Han ritual will be at the Bang Niew Shrine at 6pm and Tha Rua Shrine at 8.45pm

This day, there will be a ritual to send the Chinese god Gu Ong Tai Tae back to the heaven in Sapan Hin too. For Ta Rua Shrine, the ritual will be at Nai Yang Beach

October 29

The ritual to take down Koteng lantern pole and pay respect to the Nine Emperor Gods will happen at all the shrines.

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